We help you starting with the moment when you decide to travel in such a fantastic country as it is Georgia. We help you when you are not sure about the places you want to visit, and that is why we will provide the personal consultation with each of our clients to explore what is the best option for you. We are pleased to assist you with everything that you need on the way to make your travel experience in Georgia as organized as possible and as comfortable as possible, and even more. Right after arriving in Georgia you will feel as in your second home. Backpack tours will help you with picking up from the airport, driving you to the hotel to accommodate you in the most desirable place for you, arranging the tours with a detailed schedule, make safe and convenient transportation, providing friendly and professional guides who are experienced to perform their job on the highest level in order to create the unforgettable experience.

We assist you when you really need help and support related to any appearing issues or doubts.