In the west part of Georgia, there is a historical Georgian province Samegrelo that is one of the richest and most beautiful regions in Georgia. It is bordered to the north-west by Abkhazia, to the north by Svaneti, Imereti to the east, Guria to the south and Black sea to the west. As it is near to the black sea Samegrelo’s climate is subtropical with frequent rains. It is mainly inhabited by Megrelians that is one of the largest subgroup of Georgians, 23% of the total population. Samegrelo is mostly known for its historical sites, caves, mineral springs or coastal marshes. Here are Egrisi Mountains with many rocky peaks, glacier lakes, gorges, and waterfalls and with amazing lakes in Georgia. To the capital city of Samegrelo that is Zugdidi, you can get by train or mini-bus.

Samegrelo’s history goes back to the ancient time when in 9th-6th centuries BC it was a major part of Colchis kingdom and one of the first proto-Kartvelian kingdoms formed in the south of Caucasian mountains. In the 11th-15th centuries, Samegrelo was a part of Georgian kingdom. In the 16th– 19th centuries it was under the House of Dadiani. From 1918 to 1921, Samegrelo was part of the Democratic Republic of Georgia. What about the “Dadianis” estate is a historical monument now. It is located in Zugdidi.  The museum complex consists of the palaces of Ekaterine Chavchavadze-Dadiani and Niko Dadiani, the museum includes more than 50 000 rare exhibits. The garden of Dadianis palace is planted with unique trees and bushes, from different parts of the world. It is a really impressive place that is worthy to visit.

Samegrelo is rich with its cultural heritage and archeological artifacts and at the same time with untouched beauty. Samegrelo is famous for its traditional cuisine that is characterized only for this region. The dishes of this part of Georgia is distinguished with a lot of spicy food. Megrelian people living in Samegrelo speak in own Megrelian dialect and Georgian language, as well.

One of the best places to visit in Samegrelo is Martvili canyon, where you can enjoy with waterfalls and take a boat trip in the river. On Martvili’s highest hill stands a monastery that is a historical old monument, at the site of the monastery was a huge tree of oak, which was a symbol of fertility and reproduction, it was called Chkondideli. You can also make a walking tour around canyon that is also quite interesting to explore.

Visiting Samegrelo will be a real pleasure for any tourist who wants to enjoy with the most glorious part of Georgia full of ancient history, as well as with its natural beauty and incredible landscapes.