Tbilisi City Tour

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Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia (Saqartvelo) full of historic and cultural attractions.




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All about the Tbilisi City Tour.

Tbilisi – The capital city of Georgia has been the political and cultural center of the Caucasus since ancient times. Representatives of different civilizations and nationalities, arriving at the crossing of large trade routes,  left their marks on the external face, traditions, and values of Tbilisi. That made Tbilisi a tolerant, friendly and multicultural city.


1) Abanotubani – District of sulfur baths, where naturally hot mineral waters have healing capabilities. The foundation of the city is associated with the discovery of these waters in the 5th century. Arab geographer Ibn Hawqal (10th century) and Venetian traveler Marco Polo (13th – 14th centuries) provide historical information on sulfur baths. Most of the baths that still remain are influenced by Persian architecture and date back to the 12th and 13th centuries.


2) Narikala – The oldest defensive fortress was founded in the 4th century. The fortress overlooks a beautiful panorama of Tbilisi.


3) Botanical Garden – area – 128 000 ha. There are rich collections of flora, unique plants, tropical orangery and the critically endangered species from different parts of the world.


4) Kartlis Deda (Mother of Kartli) – 20-meter aluminum sculpture. One of the symbols of the city, having a bowl of wine in one hand for friends and a sword in other for enemies.


5) Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi – The highest temple in Georgia. Height – 100,17 m., length – 70,450 m., width – 64,68 m. The complex combines 9 churches, including above-ground and underground parts, various auxiliary buildings and the beautiful garden.


6) Gabriadze Theater – The first Georgian puppet theater. It was founded in 1980. There is a clock tower at the entrance of the theater from where mechanical dolls are making a performance for one minute and a half at 12 o’clock. The theater organizes tours in different countries and participates in various festivals.


7) Funicular – The mountain – cable transport, connecting the town with the cultural resort in the Mtatsminda plateau. Here is a pantheon of public figures and the Amusement Park “Bombora”.


8) Dry Bridge – Antiquities market, here is an exhibition shop of artworks.


9) Georgian Museum – The museum was founded in 1919. It preserves the remains of animals, dating back to 40 million years, archaeological and ethnographic collections of Paleolithic, Neolithic, bronze, a metal of medieval times.


10) Rustaveli Avenue – The avenue is located in the city center and is distinguished by a large number of important state, public, cultural and business organizations.


11) Agmashenebeli Avenue – One of the oldest streets with old architecture, painted entrance halls and distinctive ornaments.


12) Shardeni Street – The pedestrian street is famous for galleries, workshops, restaurants, open cafes and clubs.

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  1. Tbilisi City Tour
    • Visiting the Sameba Cathedral third highest orthodox cathedral in the world
    • Discovering old Tbilisi and historical places
    • Checking the Narikala fortress and mother of Georgia statue by cable car and enjoy an amazing view of Tbilisi from the top
    • Tbilisi Sulphur baths and the old Tbilisi waterfall