Gergeti Trinity Church

Ananuri, Kazbegi & Gergeti Trinity Church

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Ananuri dating back to 16-17 centuries surrounded by a scenic view
Kazbegi – The mountainous region in Georgia. It is rich with rivers, waterfalls, lakes, glaciers and mineral waters. There are many alpine objects of world importance. It is distinguished with historic buildings and rich culture.

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All about the Ananuri, Kazbegi & Gergeti Trinity Church.

Kazbegi, also known as Stepantsminda is a small mountain town located in the north-east part of Georgia that is very close to the Russian border and is surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains. It lies 1750m above the sea level and here is one of the highest mountain Mkinvartsveri that reaches 5047 meters above sea level and stands as the second tallest mountain after Shkhara. The origin of the name Kazbegi is related to the name of the famous Georgian writer Aleqsandre Chopikashvili whose father used his name Kazbegi as his nickname. What about the initial name of this town that is Stepantsminda that literally means “Saint Stephan” it was named after Georgian Orthodox monk whose name was Stephan, who constructed a hermitage at this location. Later it became the Georgian Military Road that was under the control of a local feudal magnate, the Chopikashvili clan. The local lord Gabriel Chopikashvili, son of Kazbegi helped to suppress the revolt of Georgian people, living in Stepantsminda who did not want to become the part of the Russian Empire in the early 19th century. The name was officially changed to Kazbegi under Soviet rule in 1925.

The road trip from Tbilisi to Kazbegi passes along Zinvali Dam and Reservoir, Ananuri fortress, Agravi River, Jvari Pass (highest point at 2379m), Gudauri and finally reaching to Kazbegi. Kazbegi is known for its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views on its mountains and fresh air, so it stands as a must-see destination not only for foreigners but for Georgians, as well. Kazbegi is a perfect place to relax in a divine nature surrounded around you or spend an active holiday hiking or riding a horse. So, Kazbegi is a universal place for everybody, who wants to spend time out of the city, or walk in nature, or climb on the top of the mountains or visit some cultural heritage. The main attractions and sports facilities are horse-riding, paragliding, bike-riding, natural mineral waters, mount Kazbek climbing, glaciers, landmarks.

One more obligatory thing what you should do being in Kazbegi is to visit Holy Trinity Church/Gergeti Trinity Church that is the main cultural landmark of Stepantsminda. It was established by Georgian Orthodox back to the 14th century, located at 2170meters in an isolated place over a steep mountain peak surrounded by magnificent nature. There are two ways how to reach this church, the first one will be appropriate for active people that suppose trekking it will take about 3-4 hours or the second way is getting by 4WD vehicles, which are available from Kazbegi center town.

The climate in Kazbegi is humid, but relatively dry, at the same time. It has cold snowy winters, but long and cool summers. The coldest month is considered to be January, while the warmest is July. If you visit Kazbegi it is recommended to stay at least for 1 night. There are a lot of opportunities where to stay. One of the most famous is Rooms Hotel with astonishing design, offering you plenty of zones, such as a small casino, cigar bar, swimming pool, terrace with a breathtaking view on the mountains and the kitchen with tastiest Georgian cuisine. Be sure that you will be fully satisfied with being in this hotel. The second way is to stay in the hostels held by local families that can be comparatively cheaper.

Visiting Kazbegi will be one of the most memorable experiences in your life. This place has everything that you need in order to relax and enjoy your holiday in many different ways.

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  1. Day trip Ananuri, Kazbegi & Gergeti Trinity Church

    It is a 1-day tour to Kazbegi Mountain, where on the way to it we will also visit Ananuri.

    In the morning at 10 a.m. we take you from the hotels in Tbilisi and depart toward Ananuri, from Tbilisi it takes around 50 minutes. Here in Ananuri, you will be able to visit a castle complex on the Aragvi River with 2 churches, dating back to 16-17 centuries surrounded by a scenic view. Here in Ananuri, you will also overview Jinvali reservoir with a fantastic blue surface lake.

    After exploring Ananuri Fortress at 12:30 we continue our way to Kazbegi, the way takes one and a half hour, so at 2 p.m. we will be in Kazbegi. Kazbegi is known for its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views on its mountains and fresh air. Here, in Kazbegi we will take you to the most important spot that is Gergeti glacier. After finishing with Kazbegi, at 7 p.m., we depart back to Tbilisi, taking you directly to your hotels. The way from Kazbegi to Tbilisi takes 3 hours. The whole journey consists of 12 hours.