First of all, let’s define what paragliding is. Paragliding is like a steerable, rectangular parachute that lets you fall slowly. It is launching From hallow slopes or steps hills, soaring and diving with the air currents. Our company works hard to offer you the most breathtaking places and the best opportunities for this kind of activity at affordable prices.

Regarding clothes which can be appropriate for paragliding, first of all, it should be convenient, and if you are doing this in winter, make sure you stay warm. Also, be sure that you have gloves, a scarf and good boots suitable for walking through the deep snowy area. We recommend to take with you a camera with a full battery, it is also good if you wear sunglasses, to protect your eyes from the wind.

We advise you to organize your paragliding activity, so it’s better if you book it beforehand.

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Best Seasons:All the year round
Popular Location:Gudauri

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