Kvemo Kartli is a current administrative region in southeastern of Georgia. This region is surrounded by Tbilisi, Sida Kartli and Mtskheta-Mtianeti on the north; Samtskhe-Javakheti on the west; Kakheti on the east and Armenia, Azerbaijan on the south. It takes 6528 km squares that make it fourth biggest region and third most populated region with a population of 497 000 citizens. The main city and administrative center are Rustavi. Kvemo-Kartli is one of the most economically developed regions in Georgia. The region is divided into 7 administrative-territorial units. It comprises municipalities of Gardabani, Bolnisi, Marneuli, Dmanisi, Tetri Tskaro, and Tsalka.

The region is situated in the semi-desert, subtropical and high mountain alpine zones. This region is full of natural beauty and antique memorials. The area of this region combines a mixture of different nationalities, climates, and topographies.

Kvemo Kartli is the most interesting place for exploring the Stone Age. The whole Georgian stone age is here – both Dmanisi settlement and Trialet barrows etc. Georgian culture is germinated here. In Dmanisi were found the remains of humans aged 1.8 million years. It is one of the most important archeological discovery not only in Georgia but in the whole world. Here you can also encounter historical monuments dating 5-6 cc. In total there are more than 650 historical monuments, 300 of them have been included in various tourists routes.

Most travelers can also be attracted by Bolnisi Sioni, the main ancient church in Georgia, constructed in 480. The size of this blue-green church is enormous.

Nature amateurs, hikers, and adventurers would like to visit the natural labyrinth of the Birtvisi canyons. This massive complex of capstone crevasses and coombs are one of the most exciting and most fun hiking destinations in Georgia. Just an hour from Tbilisi, the hidden lowlands of Birtvisi contain secret palaces, springs and waterfalls, all set in the most wonderful capstone.

Betania is Georgian Orthodox church formed in 12-13th centuries. The monastery is located in Didgori municipality, the right side of Vere River, and 15 km away from Tbilisi. It is an amazing example of an architecture of the “Golden Age” of the Kingdom of Georgia.