Kakheti is a region located on an eastern part of Georgia, which is bordered by Russia on the North, Azerbaijan to the South and Mtskheta-Mtianeti and Kvemo Kartli to the West. Kakheti is divided into eight administrative regions: Telavi, Gurjaani, Kvareli, Sagarejo, Dedoplistsqaro, Signagi, Lagodekhi and Akhmeta. Telavi is the capital of the Kakheti from the ancient time and has an outstanding scenic beauty.

Kakheti became finally incorporated into the Georgian Kingdom only in the beginning of the twelfth century, by Georgian king David the Builder (1089-1125). After the disintegration of the Georgian Kingdom, Kakheti became an independent Kingdom in the 1460s. In 1918-1921 Kakheti was part of the independent Democratic Republic of Georgia. And only after 1991 it became a region of the Republic of Georgia, which capital city is Telavi.

As a matter of fact that Kakheti is the most visited region in Georgia, it has a quite good infrastructure, which is developing all the times. Kakheti is also rich in history: here you’ll find the incredible monastery complex of Davit Gareja, and many beautiful churches, castles, and mansions around the main town, Telavi. In some ways, Kakheti is not much different compared with old-time – horse-drawn carts are a frequent sight on the quiet country roads, the fields are dotted with hayricks, the rivers wind untrammeled through green pastures and the sweet grapes are still harvested by hand. Here you can find plenty of option where you can stay, it might be a guest house or a comfortable hotel. The most visited towns are Telavi and Signage. Signagi is an old town built in the 18th century during the time of King Erekle. It is situated in the heart of Georgian vineyards, with the view on the Caucasus Mountains and the Alazani Valley. It is interesting to note that Signagi is one of the first touristic zones in Georgia, it is popular for its romantic architecture and atmosphere that makes Signagi the best place for wedding couples, as well.  Here, you have the opportunity to visit a great Signagi museum, where you can discover quite interesting art exhibitions. Even though it is a small town, you will stay more than impressed with its unique beauty. Then you can also visit Tsinandeli that you can overview in a short period of time. It has wonderful parks and lovely architecture. One more visited town is Gremi. It is located 11 miles from Telavi. From 1466 to 1672 Gremi was the capital of Kakheti.

Kakheti is famous as one of the most popular and biggest regions of winemaking. It represents the main face of Georgian wine, which has a wide variety of different types of wine. The most important wine villages are Tsinandali, Kvareli, and Anaga. The most important grapes are Saperavi (red) and Rkaziteli (white). Also, Kindzmarauli is a delicious sweet red wine, which has been made for centuries. It is a perfect place for those ones who are fond of wine and who is ready to try the best examples of Georgian wine. So, here you will be able not only be attracted by ancient architecture and see old churches and monuments but also visit the greatest wineries in Georgia. The best time to visit Kakheti is fall, as this part of the year is a harvest period, so you will have an opportunity to discover how people are gathering grapes. From the wide diversity of wine that is produced in Georgia, Kakhetian wine has a particularly rich aroma and is very diverse in the term of the test, as well.

Not only wine is the only thing that Kakheti offers you, but it is also distinguished with its hospitality and friendliness, here you will be able to try the best food in Kakheti that is Mtsvadi or you also can take participation in Mtsvadi making process, which is also quite interesting to explore. As the Mtsvadi is ready it is accompanied with newly baked bread which name is Shoti that is baked in a special place and tastes really good.

The places, which you should not miss while being in Kakheti is Tusheti National Park. It is famous for its historical towers. Also, Ikalto Monastery that was founded in the 2nd half of the 6th century. Initially, it was an academy that was a cultural center of Georgia, teaching theology, philosophy, astronomy, rhetoric, law, and mathematics. The monastery was also used as a winery and a smithy. In 1616 the academy was destroyed by Shah Abbas I. One more place is Gremi Cathedral a fortified fantasy castle and Georgian orthodox cathedral upon a large rock in front of the mountains with a church on top. And Nekressi that is an archaeological site and monastery near Shilda, it involves several churches and buildings. The city was founded in the 1st or 2nd century B.E. by the king of Iberia Parnadshomi.

All in all, Kakheti is a really worthy place to visit while being in Georgia and be sure that you will stay impressed not only for its beauty but also with a long-time history of winemaking, hospitality, and culture.