Guria is a western region of Georgia that is bordered by the eastern end of the Black Sea, by Samegrelo to the north-west, Imereti to the north and Samtskhe-Javakheti to the east. It is populated with about 113 000 people. Guria has a humid subtropical climate, winter in Guria is mild, while summer is hot. Guria is attracted by many tourists for its natural untouched beauty and interesting culture and traditions, added with easy-going and humorous people. In Guria, spiritual life and family traditions are highly respected. Also, Guria is known for its significant part in singing culture, where it shows the best examples of Georgian polyphonic traditions.

The name “Guria” has different association, one of them says that it is related with the root of the word referring to restlessness that means “the land of the restless” that is associated with events during the eighth and ninth centuries when “Leon became the King of Abkhazeti, Guruls refused to obey the ruler of Odzrakho. The second explanation says that when once in the time in Georgian prosperity Guria was situated in the heart of the Georgian territory, so “guri” in Megrelian means “heart”.

Due to its favorable subtropical climate cultivation of citrus groves, tea plantations, fruits, nuts, and corn are highly developed in Guria. This part of the country can be considered a green emerald for Georgia for is abundant greenery. Beech forests are found in the mountains and pine and fir trees at higher altitudes. Mountain forests of Guria provide a good habitat for bears, wolves, martens, as well as other animals.

Visiting Guria will also be very interactive with a lot of very interesting places to visit and overview. One of the main destinations is Ureki that is summer resort on the Black Sea shore. It is visited for its sand that has magnetic energy with healing power and has been used since ancient times by Egyptians, Greeks and Indian Yogis for treating a different kind of diseases.

One more famous village in Guria is Bakhmaro that is located in Chokhatauri district, on the Meskheti Mountain Range reaching 2000 meters above the sea level. It has pleasant fresh air with mountain and sea air mixed together. It is a perfect place for those ones who have health problems and needs to change area with clean air and healthy food. The best season for treatment procedure in Bakhmaro is from June to September. Here you have a unique chance to change your blood formula within 21 days and improve your immune system.

Another most visited resort is Nabeghlavi in the same district Chokhatauri. It is a small village, where according to an old story, inhabitants of the region noticed that buffalos were especially attracted to one of the water sources. The mineral waters of Nabeghlavi became a popular bottled mineral water in the international market. This water has a special taste and healing power.

One more resort in Guria that is worthy to note is Gomistsma (Gomi Mountain) situated in river Bzhuzhi Gorge of Guria region of Georgia, at the height 2100 meters. It has a magnificent panoramic view on gorgeous mountains and a lot of amazing summer cottages of Alpine zone. This place is perfect in any period of the year, especially in spring nature appears with the best side. And summer brings here mystic fogs which are similar to the sea waves. This resort can be the perfect place to relax from the routine and stressed life in the cities and spend a good holiday.