Adjara is the Autonomous Republic of Georgia, it is located on a southwestern corner, Adjara lies on the coast of the Black Sea, north of Turkey. It consists of six administrative-territorial units: the city of Batumi as well as the municipalities of Keda, Kobuleti, Khelvachauri, Shuakhevi, and Khulo. The capital and the largest city of Adjara is Batumi. Adjarians who live in Adjara are a regional subgroup of Georgians. However, Adjara is also populated with Georgians, Russians, and Armenians. Despite the fact that Ajars are not nationality distinct from other Georgians, they have own cultural segment of the Georgian homeland.

Adjara can be fairly considered as one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia with incredible nature and the Black Sea that attracts more and more tourists every year, as well as warm hospitality and very friendly people living there. The nature of Adjara is quite diverse and extraordinary, it has picturesque mountainous landscapes, seascapes, parks, and reserves. Adjara is considered as the greenest part of the country. It possesses unique highlands graced with tropical plants and trees.

The historical development of Adjara is quite interesting. Adjara has been a part of Colchis and Caucasian Iberia since ancient times. The Ottomans conquered the area in 1614. The people of Adjara gradually converted to Islam in this period. The Ottomans were forced to cede Adjara to the expanding Russian Empire in 1878. After a temporary occupation by Turkish and British troops in 1918–1920, Adjara became part of the Democratic Republic of Georgia in 1920. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Adjara became part of a newly independent but politically divided Republic of Georgia.

The main city of Adjara and the second largest city (Area 2,880 square km Pop. (2014) 333,953; (2017 est.) 339,000) in Georgia – Batumi is the most popular summer holiday destination with subtropical climate that attracts not only Georgian people, but also a lot of tourist from many different countries. The newly transformed city represents modern Georgia in the best way with its old and new architecture and seaside boulevard that makes it the best place to spend your summer days and evenings. Stony beaches, semitropical climate, untouched nature, crystal waterfalls, charming fortresses, modern architecture of Batumi are making from Adjara, one of the most beautiful and marvelous regions of Georgia. Though Adjara’s beaches are mostly stony, the semitropical climate is beautiful and the scenery gorgeous, with lush hills rising behind the coast, and peaks topping 3000m inland.

Visitors can taste the wines prepared from the unique varieties of grapes in Adjara, get acquainted with Adjarian cuisine that has really delicious dishes to try. A distinctive and incredible cuisine and original traditions equally attract Georgian and foreign visitors alike.