Backpack tours is a brand new company of adventure travels, which specifies on traveling around unique places with which you will be marveled of.  The idea of making our own tour company came after traveling around for several years, when we which we just discovered that Georgia has a much more potentiality than it seems from the first sight. We felt some lack of tour companies, which are specified particularly on making adventure tours that will be oriented not only on just going through the cities and popular places but will propose organized tours in which anyone can enjoy every moment and discover new things about the world of adventures, totally in a new way.
With us, you will be able to go to places that will definitely marvel you with their peculiarity and outstanding architecture. With our opportunities you can enjoy history and culture, join mountain tours, enjoying with breathtaking views, going through the most divine nature you may have ever seen, where you can find natural hot water, fresh air, getting a relaxing therapy.
One of the main part why is our tour company distinguished from other ones is that we offer you specific travel opportunities such as competition tours, which involves going to the mountains with two or more groups of the tourists who are keen on the adventurous kind of traveling and sightseeing. Within these group of tourists, there will be organized a competition which will last 3-4 days in which they are supposed to get to the particular place as fast as possible. So, we offer you a new uncommon way of hiking activity.
So, backpack Tours Company offers opportunities for those ones who are bored with trivial sightseeing and walks around cities and who are looking for new experiences and feelings. If you are an adventurous kind of person who wants to try something new, these tours are created for you. With our company, being enjoyed and fulfilled is guaranteed.